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“Fiber Futures: Japan’s Textile Pioneers” Part1 at MOCFA (July, San Francisco)

This sounds like a positively thrilling exhibition. It’s so deep, they had to divide the show into two parts (July and October) just to do it justice!

Akio Hamatani

The Museum of Craft and Folk Art (MOCFA) presents “Fiber Futures: Japan’s Textile Pioneers” (Parts 1+2), a traveling exhibition co-organized by Japan Society (New York), Tama Art University (Tokyo), and International Textile Network Japan.

The show explores a new art that is emerging from a remarkable fusion of Japanese artisanal and industrial textile making. Coaxed from materials as age-old as hemp and newly developed as microfilaments, a varied array of more than 25 works (including many dramatic large-scale pieces) by artists from multiple generations will be on view in this extraordinary two-part exhibition.

“By transcending and cutting across the limitations imposed by the inherited oppositions between art, craft and design, this two-part exhibition brings together 30 contemporary Japanese artists who are active at the cutting edge of the global fiber-art movement, transforming fabrics into sculptures, pictures, emulations of nature, or even abstract meditations on memory and identity. The materials range from silk, cotton, recycled cocoons, antique paper scraps, jute, and hemp to stainless-steel wire and weaving and dyeing technology, often with the goal of expressing an environmentally sustainable ethos. 

Fusing old techniques with new to create innovative, beautiful and challenging works of art, Fiber Futures: Japan’s Textile Pioneers not only reflects the fecundity of Japanese tradition and contemporary culture, but speaks to the resilience of the Japanese people in repurposing the past in order to better shape the future.”

Fiber Futures x1 (July 20–October 6) is organized as a color-intensive chapter
Fiber Futures x2 (October 13–December 29) an achromatic chapter

Reception for FFx1
July 20 @6-8p
51 Yerba Buena Lane
San Francisco
All are welcome. Special guests in attendance, sake tasting, and live music improv remix by TOMOSAITO of FOTOS.

Tanaaki Tanaka

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