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UPDATE SFS Lauris 2013: Exhibition hosted by Les Jardins de Magali

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We are happy to announce two updates about our SFS Tour to France, this September!

As part of the extension, the exhibition show hosted by the Couleur Garance will be at the Les Jardins de Magali. It is a beautiful garden located in Lauris (500m of the main event), the site of a Roman farm dated back to 150 AD. After clearing the site and digging, there was a discovery of a preserved Roman water system, which can still be viewed beneath glass at the gardens.

The exhibition (Le temps s’égraine) will be close to the artisans fair and workshops of the International Natural Dye Forum (forum international de la couleur végétale).

Alongside the forum will be a farmer (biologic) village festival. The festival celebrates the organic farmers and natural alternatives in the region. All day, shuttles will be available for visitors to enjoy the two events.

For more information about the tour, visit Only a few spots are left!

4 comments on “UPDATE SFS Lauris 2013: Exhibition hosted by Les Jardins de Magali

  1. André Girod
    17 October 2013

    It was such a pleasure of hosting your exhibit in the ” Jardins de Magali” in Lauris. Everyone who came enjoyed the exhibit and the site.
    Happy to have helped you
    some pictures on the site of jardins de magali

    • WSN
      30 December 2013

      Thank you Monsieur André, it was a wonderful experience to exhibit at the “Jardins de Magali!”

  2. André Girod
    11 April 2014

    For the Jardins de Magali see article on link

    • WSN
      11 April 2014

      Thank you Monsieur André! We were so excited to be able to see the beautiful Jardins de Magali in person, as a part of our Slow Fiber Studios program to France.

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