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9th International Fab Lab Conference: Japan


Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

FabLab JP 2013

August 21-27, 2013

Yokohama, Japan

For all of you gurus who like the idea of technology and textiles, this conference may spark your attention! Here at World Shibori Network, we thought our readers would appreciate some exciting fabrication news!

FabLab is an international conference that has been around since 2005, exhibiting in countries all over the world! ( Peru, the United States, India, South Africa, Netherlands, Norway and New Zealand to name them all.) Participants attend conferences, workshops, and demonstrations; making, creating and learning about the ideas around fabrication.  FabLab even puts together amazing dinners and social events around the city. Some topics of the conferences include, “The Science of Origami,” “Personal Fabrication for Personal Mobility,” and “Hybrid Craft.” For the most updated schedule, see here.

“A Fab Lab (Fabrication Laboratory, Fabulous Laboratory) is an open workshop offering digital fabrication (and analog tools as well), with the aim to make “almost” anything, through personal, social, local manufacturing.

Fab9Japan is the 9th annual international Fab Lab forum which gathers fab lab managers, core members, FAB researchers and reflective practitioners from the global Fab Lab network and beyond, for a week of dialogue sessions, hands-on workshops and a one-day symposium offerd by global fablab network.

Fab9Japan is hosted by The Social Fabrication Laboratory at Keio University SFC , in conjunction with the Centre for Bits and Atoms at MITYokohama Creative Center (YCC) and the Global Fab Lab Network(including Fab Lab Japan Network), from 21-27 August in Yokohama, Japan.

It is an opportunity for the network to come together and share best practice, as well as plan for the future. To this end, the full meeting is heavily subsidised to allow maximum integration for the diverse countries and cultures involved.”

Here is a link to check out their online registration and other details:



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