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August 22nd / mnēmonikos: Art of Memory in Contemporary Textile, Bangkok

JTAC invitation

Jim Thompson Art Center

August 22nd, 2013- February 22nd, 2014

Bangkok, Thailland

Curator & Artist Talk

Time  3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Venue William Warren Library

Lecturer Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada and participating artists Misao Tusbaki (JAPAN), Jin Sook So (KOREA/SWEDEN) and  Korakrit ARUNANONDCHAI, Vachiraporn LIMVIPHUVADH, Hatairat MANEERAT, Ataphol SUJRAPINYOKUL and Kris YENSUDJAI


The Jim Thompson Art Center will be opening it’s show; Mnemonikos: Art of Memory in Contemporary Textiles , this Wednesday in Bangkok, curated by World Shibori Network President and Slow Fiber Studios founder, Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada.

The exhibit’s text reads:

In this exhibition, 28 artists from Southeast Asia and beyond, explore a

wide range of artistic expression. Mnēmonikos means “remembering” in

Greek. What unifies them is their enthusiasm for the tactile and dimensional

possibilities inherent in cloth and fascination with the idea that cloth holds

the memory of actions performed on it. Cloth can be animated by draping,

crumpling, and folding; compressing, pleating, and tucking; staining,

painting, and dyeing; cutting and tearing; sewing and embellishing.

Cloth can record gestures, occasions, and ownership. Textile objects open a

window onto the daily life experience of those who created them and reveal

the perspectives of all those involved in their genesis and transformation.

The agent of transformation is the artist, who senses the life inherent in

the material and actualizes it through the application of human touch,

knowledge, and vision, thus revealing the memory embedded in it.

Contemporary artists are tapping into ancient knowledge and skills and

revitalizing our shared cultural heritage to create opulent, and sometimes

provocative, textiles in the name of art. Their works reflect personal emotion,

social and environmental awareness, cultural values, and technological


Guest curator Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada is a long-time exponent of traditional

and sustainable practices in fashion and textile production. She travels

throughout the world giving lectures and workshops, and participates in

conferences to build greater insight into the world of fiber arts. She is

president of World Shibori Network and founder of Slow Fiber Studios.

The show features the following both international and Thai artists:

  1. Keiko AMENOMORISCHMEISSER (Australia/Japan)
  2. Junichi ARAI (Japan)
  3. Jean CACISEDO (USA)
  4. Frank CONNET (USA)
  5. Inge DUSI (Chile)
  6. Mascha MIONI (Switzerland)
  7. Marie-Hélène GUELTON (France)
  8. Ana Lisa HEDSTROM (USA)
  9. Wen Yin HUANG (Taiwan)
  10. Hiroshi ISHIZUKA (Japan)
  11. Kinor JIANG (Hong Kong/China)
  12. Christina KIM and dosa inc. (USA)
  13. Paola MORENO (Chile)
  14. Rachel MEGINNES  (USA)
  15. Joan MORRIS (USA)
  16. Kambui OLUJIMI (USA)
  17. Restu RATANANINGTYAS (Indonesia)
  18. Pietro SEMINELLI (France)
  19. Jin-Sook SO (Sweden/Korea)
  20. Misao TUSBAKI (Japan)
  21. Xu Rui (Muzi) (China)
  22. Yee I LANN (Malaysia)
  23. Guoxiang YUAN (Hong Kong/China)

24. Korakrit ARUNANONDCHAI (Thailand)
25. Vachiraporn LIMVIPHUVADH (Thailand)
26. Hatairat MANEERAT (Thailand)
27. Ataphol SUJRAPINYOKUL (Thailand)
28. Ek THONGPRASERT (Thailand)
29. Kris YENSUDJAI (Thailand)

The gallery is beautifully designed by allzone Co. ltd.

For more information and calendar of exhibition events and workshops, visit the Jim Thompson Art Center online.

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