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NDW DVD III Round-Up: Photos from Lauris!

Natural Dye Workshop and Slow Fiber Studios are happy to announce that filming for our upcoming film NDW III: Natural Pigment Lakes and Dyes is now done!

For those of you who are not aware, SFS took a group recently to France, to attend a workshop led by Michel Garcia and to participate in the International Forum for Natural Dyes (forum international de la couleur végétale) hosted by the Association Couleur Garance.

The DVD will cover the making of organic lake pigments and dye extract with Michel Garcia using plant and insect materials from left-over dye baths, and other materials. Eco-friendly + safer + more sustainable methods revised from traditional European approaches will be explained and shown. Using these lake pigments and extracts, the viewer will learn how dynamic paints can be made with various binders for a variety of uses. One example will be painting on plaster walls with the organic pigment as a treatment. Other  applications include calligraphy, print-making, wood varnish, water color painting, as well as dyeing protein fibers. This DVD was filmed in Lauris, France in partnership with Slow Fiber Studios and Studio Galli, this past October, 2013. Availability date is still to be decided, but keep an eye on our blog for announcements on how to pre-order!

We want to thank Catharine Ellis for sending us many wonderful photos capturing the workshop with Michel Garcia, expert dyer,chemist, and botanist.

See our flickr for more beautiful images.

For more information on the upcoming DVD, see the Natural Dye Workshop website.

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