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Providence, RI: Mo Kelman Workshop + Lecture

Image courtesy of Mo Kelman Title: Selfsame,  2010, shibori dyed and shaped silk, bamboo, 50" X 27" X 16"

Image courtesy of Mo Kelman
Title: Selfsame, 2010, shibori dyed and shaped silk, bamboo, 50″ X 27″ X 16″

WSN Member Mo Kelman just announced that she will be presenting a workshop and a lecture seminar at the upcoming Convergence Conference, July 2014 in Providence, Rhode Island!

The workshop is titled,”Skins and Skeletons: 3-D Textile Constructions” , and will run July 14-17.

Workshop Description:
In this experimental workshop participants will first learn methods for building skeletal structures with rigid and semi-rigid materials like reed, rattan, bamboo, wood, and wire.  Methods will include various lashing techniques, chaotic plaiting, and wire construction processes.  Next, we’ll cover a broad array of approaches to building skins onto these structures using gut, rice papers, elastic fabrics, nets, wire mesh, wax, and stiffeners. Participants will leave with a bundle of experimental samples that will become prototypes for future studios work.

The lecture seminar will address,”Textile Architectonics: An Interface of Skin and Skeleton“, and will be held on July 18.

Lecture Seminar Description:
This presentation takes a global look at creative works in textiles, art and architecture where a “skin” and a “skeleton” have been joined to sculpt form in three-dimensional space.  We explore textiles and other visual media that depend on a skeleton for structure; then we turn things around and look at architectural structures with skins that act like textiles.  The goal of the presentation is to expand our awareness of groundbreaking work and inspire new directions in our own studios.

For more information, here is a link to the conference website with registration information:
To see more of Mo Kelman’s work, visit her website:

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