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Women Weave: An Important Petition

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World Shibori Network would like to bring to your attention recent news which will deeply affect the community of handweavers in India, and the rest of the world.

Please share this with those you know, so that we help put a stop to this law.

From Yoshiko I. Wada,

To all who love and value India ‘s great global heritage: handwoven cloth. Please sign this petition.

The Indian government proposes to remove the protected status of handloom weaving. If this proposal passes, mechanized weaving, (be it a single powerloom or a giant mill), would benefit from the same favoured status which handloom has long enjoyed.

This will seriously threaten millions of handloom weavers in rural India. They have survived because they have long enjoyed a unique, protected status: no tax on their products, favourable rates for yarn purchase, etc. This has made their products competitive in the market.

The proposed changes would removed this advantage. Mechanized looms would be overwhelmingly price competitive and much more productive. But they would employ far less people than handloom. And the ‘hand’, the diversity, the unique beauty of handloom cloth would be irrevocably lost.

As a prominent handloom retailer rightly said: ‘ India would become just like China. Cloth would become an industry; no longer a culture. We would be left nothing to sell but cloth which could be woven anywhere in the world.”

The livelihood of these millions of weavers in rural India, many of them women, depends upon the simple, gentle, eco-friendly act of weaving cloth by hand.

Protect them. Preserve the ‘hand’ in woven cloth. Sign this petition.

For more about Women Weave, please visit their website.





機械織機でも、巨大な高速コンピューター織機でも 一様に手織り機が長く享受してきた同じ恩恵を受けることを主張しています。



提案された変更は、この利点を除いてしまいます。機械織機は、大量生産になり圧倒的に価格競争力に強くなります。しかし、手織り産業よりも雇用人口が極力減るでしょう。そして 手ざわり、多様性、手織りの布の独特の美しさは、永遠に失われてしまうでしょう。





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