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Jin Ze Arts Centre: Weaving Workshop and Buddha Mind Open Day

Hello WSN China! Have we got a wonderful announcement for you! SFS affiliate and 9ISS partner Jin Ze Arts Centre will be having one of their amazing weaving workshops this May along with a very special open day, May 17th.

Jin Ze Arts Centre is a not-for-profit art and craft organization aimed at the preservation and promotion of the fine tradition of Chinese craftsmanship by fostering exchanges of ideas and techniques among traditional craft practitioners, contemporary designers, teachers and students via innovative approaches. Jin Ze Arts Centre is not open to the public, so these weaving workshops and open days are a rare opportunity to see and experience Jin Ze.

We recommend their Flickr, for a great visual painting of the past events at Jin Ze.

They even have a YouTube:

May 11 – 17

Intensive Weaving Workshop is a programme focusing on acquiring skills and experiences on weaving looms. Our weaving room is equipped with both regional Chinese looms and a variety of modern looms including the user-friendly Saori loom. Click above link for full itinerary and instructions on how to register!

Taught by Edith Cheung, Director of JZAC

May 17

Buddha Mind Open Day

Celebrating Buddha’s birthday this month, Jin Ze will have an eventful open day, for visitors to come and participate in various cultural events.

Aside from the boat ride, bridge walk, and visit to the weaving room, you will see a magnificent sand Mandala construction. A selection of artifacts related to Buddhism will also be displayed for the first time.

Naturally the kitchen will serve vegetarian cuisine with seasonal produce from the nearby farms. We will show you how to brew and enjoy the prefect cup of tea – an admirable way to relax and meditate.

For more information, visit their website!


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