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Jin Ze Arts Centre: Gambiered Silk Workshop in Guangdong!

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Hello shibori-lovers abroad! We would like to spread the news about this upcoming, rare and technical workshop in Guangdong, China hosted by our SFS affiliate and 9ISS partner Jin Ze Arts Centre! July 28th – August 1st, JZAC will be hosting a workshop, exploring the production of Guangdong gambiered silk, giving participants a chance to use their own hands to explore the materials and  processes.

July 28th – August 1st

Gambiered Silk Workshop @Shunde -Tradition and Exploration is a 5-day program featuring a gambiered silk dye workshop at Shunde at the end of July. We will spend our time at the dye workshop, observing how the cloth is made, while we experiment in our own ways. We will try the many resist dye methods on different fibres, exploring the unique quality of the tannin dye and iron-rich mud. We encourage you to explore the applications on wood, paper and other material. The findings will be presented at the 9th ISS in October this year.

See the event page for more information:

Not sure what gambiered silk is? Check out this video about the material being used in fashion design:

Jin Ze Arts Centre is a not-for-profit art and craft organization aimed at the preservation and promotion of the fine tradition of Chinese craftsmanship by fostering exchanges of ideas and techniques among traditional craft practitioners, contemporary designers, teachers and students via innovative approaches.

We recommend their Flickr, for a vibrant slideshow of the past events at Jin Ze.

They even have a YouTube:

For more information, visit their website!


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