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9ISS News! New Beat Student Exhibition at Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The days are counting down until WSN’s 9th International Shibori Symposium commences in Hangzhou, China!

As part of 9ISS, we have teamed up with the Institute of Textiles and Clothing (ITC) at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and China National Silk Museum to organize the New Beat: International Student Competition. The show will open in Hong Kong this week and then travel to Hangzhou in time for the 9ISS, showing the top talent of various international participating design universities.

From the 9ISS website:

New Beat: International Student Competition – Textiles and Wearable Art is features innovative dyeing works by international students who demonstrate inspired creativity through material manipulation and technique application. Selected 35 works will exhibite in The Fashion Gallery of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Sep 2014,in China National Silk Museum in Hangzhou, China in October 2014,and in Shunde from Dec 2014 to Jan 2015.

Curators: Kinor Jiang, Xuelin Liao
Curating Assistants: Guoxiang Yuan, Yuki Cheng, Qingxin Peng

— The Fashion Gallery, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
— Lunjiao Shunde Foshan
— Art Institute of Foshan
— China National Silk Museum
— World Shibori Network

Exhibition Schedule:
— in The Fashion Gallery, HK: 27 Aug – 25 Sep 2014
— in CNSM, Hang Zhou: 30 Oct – 2 Nov 2014
— in Shunde: Dec 2014 – Jan 2015 (date pending conformation)


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