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WSN Member News: Carol Bier

Image from Carol Bier's article for ARAMCO World titled Warp and Wefts 2009. caption: The Album of Kashmiri Trades depicted mid-19th-century “shawl-weavers.”BRITISH LIBRARY / BRIDGEMAN ART LIBRARY

“Image from Saudi Aramco’s 2009 Calendar, with accompanying text on “Warps & Wefts” written by Carol Bier. Caption: The Album of Kashmiri Trades depicted mid-19th-century “shawl-weavers.” BRITISH LIBRARY / BRIDGEMAN ART LIBRARY


Hello All! We’d like to welcome new WSN member and Bay Area resident, Carol Bier.

Carol was a speaker at the recent 9ISS in Hangzhou, China, and attended the Post Symposium program to Xinjiang, China.

She is a historian of Islamic Art, and studies patterns as intersections of art and mathematics. She has published widely on cultural aspects of geometry in Islamic art that
inform a beauty of form, pattern and structure.

Read more textile related papers by Carol, online at Selected Works, a great e-press site for scholars and authors.

TOMORROW Friday, 30 January, 1:30pm  / Samsung Hall, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

Ex Oriente Lux: Luxury Textiles and Oriental Carpets”

The link below offers a study guide to download if you are interested but can’t attend the lecture.

Week of 5-12 February / Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A series of workshops and lectures on geometry and Islamic art, to take place in a city transformed in the late twentieth century – and since 2010 site of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. 

Monday, 6 April, 7:30pm / The Hillside Club, Berkeley California

“Encountering the Silk Road in Western China: Then and Now”

Carol says:
“A lecture and discussion, inspired by my recent travels in western China (eastern Turkestan), which I visited after attending a textile conference in Hangzhou with a delightful group of specialists gathered under the inspired leadership of Yoshiko Wada and her World Shibori Network.”

Saturday, 18 April, 11am/ 1pm (check to confirm) / Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

“Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art”

A component part of the inaugural National Math Festival (to be announced January 20th) and sponsored by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, this lecture will be given twice – check to confirm the exact times.

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