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Workshop: Shibori, Silk and Indigo with Amy Putansu

Fill up your upcoming summer days with this intensive workshop in North Carolina with WSN Member Amy Putansu. Discover the design potentials of degumming silk, learn about indigo, and create a variety of shibori fabrics in these 2 different workshops with Amy.

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Silk, Sericin, Shibori + Indigo

Location: Cloth Fiber Workshop, Asheville, NC

Date: June 19 & 20, 10-5pm

Selective degumming is removing one of the two proteins from the fiber in silk organza, otherwise known as raw silk. When this process is done in combination with resist techniques, you can achieve silk fabrics with patterning of both visual and textural interest. In this two day workshop, you will apply a selection of shibori techniques on raw silk fabrics. On day two, these fabrics will be processed to remove the sericin protein and then over dyed in indigo. Emphasis will be on the nature of raw silk, shibori practice and indigo dyeing.

Contact the Cloth Fiber Workshop at 828.505.2958



Traditional Stitched Shibori

Location: Cloth Fiber Workshop, Asheville, NC

Date: August 1, 10-5pm

Resist dyeing on cloth, known best in America as “tie-dye”, is ancient and practiced all over the world. In Japan resist dyeing has been developed to a a heightened degree of sophistication and is known as Shibori. Within the realm of shibori there are many specific techniques that employ binding, folding and otherwise manipulating cloth to create exquisite organized patterning when dyed. This workshop will focus on stitched shibori and students will create a series of handkerchief-sized fabrics of various patterns, that will be dyed in indigo. Emphasis will be on the art and history of shibori, technical practice and indigo dyeing.

Call Cloth at 828.505.2958

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