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Natural Dye Showcase and Memory on Cloth at Mendocino Art Centre, California

Yoshiko Wada, President – WSN, was at the beautiful Mendocino Arts Centre early this month. As the juror for their Natural Dye Showcase, she had selected 47 works by 35 fiber artists as works of art and for the artists’ skillful knowledge of the chemistry of natural dyes. In addition to the opening gallery talk, Ms. Wada also hosted a 3-day intensive Memory on Cloth workshop on campus.

The participants at the workshop worked on a range of trans-formative processes like de-gumming, fulling using special wool as well as natural dyeing with natural indigo and making a fructose stock solution using kitchen scraps.

Ms. Wada also shared samples from her personal collection to see, feel and touch. This included ethnic, vintage and fashion textiles from across the world, showcasing a range of techniques, stitching and processes. In addition, students also got a chance to attend Ms. Wada’s scientific presentation on molecular composition and reactions relating to natural dyes.

Select student work and feedback from the workshop is shared below.

“Yoshiko is an incredibly knowledgeable & generous teacher and every minute with her was truly a pleasure and an honor” – Renee Owen, exhibiting artist + winner at the Natural Dye Showcase and a participant at the workshop

“It was an astounding class, it was life changing for me and for others I would guess!” – Adrianne, textile artist & maker

“Yoshiko is such an inspiring and generous teacher and now my mind is full of new ideas and possibilities” – Eleanor Adams, longtime fibre and colour worker

“The workshop was a pivotal experience for me.  Yoshiko was so generous to me with her time and wisdom” – Hannah, textile and design student

A big shout out to Pavlos Mayakis from the Mendocino Arts Centre for his help and the wonderful participants for making the workshop a success!

Photo Courtesy : Karen Vournas, Hannah Bennett, Anu Ravi

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