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An Afternoon with Four Generations of California Basket Makers, California Historical Society, San Francisco

California Historical Society will be hosting the acclaimed basket weaving Parker family in San Francisco next month.

Parker Family

Julia Parker with [left to right] granddaughter Ursula Min-ne-ah Jones, Great-granddaughter Naomi Kashaya Jones, and Daughter Lucy Ann Parker, Yosemite Valley, 2012, courtesy of Deborah Valoma; Lee Fatherree (Photographer)

Where: California Historical Society, 678 Mission Street, San Francisco

When: 19 September 2015 | 1pm

Contact: 415.357.1848

Julia Parker is a Coast Miwok-Kashaya Pomo basket weaver. Over the last 40 years, Parker has become one of the pre-eminent Native American basket makers in California. A respected elder of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria and long-time resident of Yosemite Valley, Parker is prolific artist, teacher, and storyteller. She has worked as a cultural specialist at the Yosemite Museum since 1960, and as an artist and elder, she is respected as a carrier of indigenous thinking and making. Her work has been exhibited widely including in The Language of Native American Baskets at the National Museum of the American Indian (New York City) in 2003. Following in her footsteps are her daughter, Lucy Parker, granddaughter Ursula Min-ne-ah Jones, and great-granddaughter Naomi Kashaya Jones.

Deborah Valoma, author of Scrape the Willow until It Sings: The Words and Work of Basket Maker Julia Parker,  will be introducing the family.


Lucy Telles, Indian Basket, c. 1925, courtesy of Southwest Museum of the American Indian Collection, Autry National Center, 2011_22_30

Participate to learn how these four generations of Parker-family women sustained Coast Miwok-Kashaya Pomo basket making traditions that “carry the stories of an older California, of bracken fern patch and sedge bed, of all the Native women through the generations who gathered willow together.”

This special event is a part of California Historical Society’s Yosemite: A Storied Landscape, an exhibition, eBook, and public program series. Limited seats are left. RVSP online < here > or by emailing Jason Herrington at:

2 comments on “An Afternoon with Four Generations of California Basket Makers, California Historical Society, San Francisco

  1. Wow, Julia Parker is the woman i want to do a workshop with in Yosemite some time. I have a daughter who has moved to San Francisco and I aim to time a visit to her to coincide with a workshop at some point!! Thank you for this info, and I will send it on to my daughter who may like to attend.

    • WSN
      26 August 2015

      Glad to be of help.

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