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Exhibition: Cocci & Stracci, Galleria Circolo Togunà, Inverigo, Italy

WSN Member Lucia Lapone and ceramicist Giovanna M. Soldini come together to present ‘Cocci and Stracci’ at the Galleria Circolo Toguna in Italy.

Where: Galleria Circolo Togunà, via C. Bianchi, 2/a Inverigo, fraz. Villa Romanò (CO)

When: Oct 3 – 18, 2015

Timing: Friday 16:00 – 19:00 | Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 13:00 // 16:00 – 19:00

Contact: +39 |

Cocci and Stracci (shards and tatters) looks to showcase the unique, minimalist aesthetic of ceramicist Giovanna and the versatility of  apparel, fabrics and home products created by Lucia Lapone.

I was six when I first picked up a needle and began to learn needlework. Now, fifty years later, I am still discovering the infinite possibilities of textiles that first attracted me as a child. A craft that began as an experiment became a life work. Textiles are my world, my raw material in day-to-day life. I am constantly experimenting with dyes, embroidery, bleaches and paints in my endeavor to transform simple cloth, fabric or yarn into everything from functional apparel to intriguing works of art.- Lucia Lapone

About Lucia Lapone

Lucia is a vibrant artist whose work shows a great admiration for cloth and celebrates a mixture of different techniques: machine embroidery, patchwork, discharge dye, layer and appliqué to create volume and shapes, and dyeing. Designing and producing a small line of home textiles for ten years, Lucia’s background includes working as an interior decorator for private houses and yachts, and as a designer for Italian Companies like Fabriano and Zucchi and Art Galleries in Milano and Roma. Working with her preferred fabrics of linen, silk and cotton, she produces a collection of bed and table linens as well as accessories for the home. She began her enthusiastic adventure into shibori many years ago and took part in the first “Slow Fiber Studio” in Japan in 2010. Lucia has a degree in fashion design and four years at Faculty of Architecture.

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