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Throwback Thursday: 9th ISS and Jiaxie Indigo Clamp-Resist

The mission of every International Shibori Symposium (ISS) is to bring together scholars, artists and textile enthusiasts for exchange of knowledge, practice and tradition. Our endeavor is to encourage the study, practice, and innovation of shibori and other resist-dye art forms by providing a platform for the participants and the local community to meaningfully engage and collaborate.

Opening dance ceremony, 9th ISS, China

We’re happy to share the on-going work of Lingjie Li, a designer and a 9th ISS organiser from Hangzhou, China. It all started as a part of the post conference tour in 2014 when Lingjie had the opportunity to visit a traditional indigo farm and clamp resist studio in Wenzhou.  Here, she witnessed first hand the complete process of jiaxie (clamp-­‐resist) as demonstrated by Master Chensongyao, a fourth generation craftsmen. The detailed report that she wrote about the program can be downloaded < here >

Moved by this immersive experience, Lingjie was inspired to get involved with the local artisans and really deepen her understanding. As with many traditional processes and techniques, Yueqing indigo clamp‐resist dyeing faces an uncertain future. Today, by offering input on designs, Lingjie hopes to help this ancient practice continue to stay forward facing. Here are some photos of her recent experiments.

From everyone at WSN, we wish Lingjie all the very best!

About WSN’s International Shibori Symposium –

The ISS is held every several years by the World Shibori Network in collaboration with local institutions, organizations and people, in countries across the world. The symposia are comprised of plenary sessions, workshops, and travel programs in order to engage not only an international audience, but the local community. An overview of the past symposia is available < here >. The next ISS is scheduled to be held in 2016 at Oaxaca, Mexico. Read more about 10 iss < here >.

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