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Making an indigo vat :: Part 1 of 2.

Here are some tips from WSN President Yoshiko Wada on making a natural indigo vat. This was originally posted on the Dye Nerd’s Blog.

Click here: Making an indigo vat :: Part 1 of 2.


2 comments on “Making an indigo vat :: Part 1 of 2.

  1. Sue Thomas
    14 February 2016

    Would dearly love to connect with Yoshiko Wada by email if that was possible. I am a mature aged passionate art student engaged in life and learning. ( previously mathematics teacher (university/ high school, welfare and community engagement roles) .

    Keen to seek guidance from Yoshiko re indigo vat preparation, dying via workshops she may be conducting in either Japan or Australia.

    My current Masters in Art directions will be utilising Indigo in support of visually representing the mystery of place where I live. World Heritage Thirlmere Lakes National Park. The endangered species, the Japanese Snipe which flies 9000 kms each year to this beautiful sacred environment, raising awareness to the RAMSAR Convention and representing other unique species that reside here will be featured through an integrated science, maths, art perspective.

    My calling is to learn Indigo with a Japanese mentor and I am hopeful that connection can be made with Yoshiko.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    In kindness
    Sue Thomas

    • WSN
      17 February 2016

      Dear Sue,
      Thank you for reaching out. Please check our Slow Fiber Studio program to Japan in 2016. Slow Fiber Studio (a program of World Shibori Network) offers real-world insight into the multifaceted and holistic practice of textile-making. This particular tour will be led by WSN President Yoshiko Wada. You can also reach her at

      Japan Tour 2016 –

      Hope this helps!

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