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Guatemala & Costa Rica :: Now open for 10iss

We are happy to announce two new tours as a part of the 10th International Shibori Symposium at Oaxaca, Mexico!

One is a unique opportunity with Habitat for Humaity Guatemala (led by Sharon Vipond, a veteran volunteer since 2005) to collaborate with the local Women’s Weaving Collectives. Participants of this tour will learn Guatemalan weaving and dyeing traditions of the ancient Mayans, while collaborating with women artisans to build projects to support their health and livelihood.

The Guatamela program not only focuses on the legacy and craft of Guatemalan textiles but also the lives and daily challenges of these weavers, dyers, and designers. Participants  will partake in weaving and natural dye demonstrations, visit cooperatives’ weaving centers, and enjoy local organic coffee and fascinating conversations.

In the Costa Rica program, participants get to meet, interact and learn from the local The Boruca people. Like their ancestors, the modern-day Boruca are known for their weaving and their elaborately carved and painted masks. The journey takes us into the heart of the reservation and into the homes of skilled artisans who make their livings as weavers, carvers, and painters. 

Program participants will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of hands-on workshops: mask painting, weaving, drum making, and traditional cooking. The highlight of the tour is the trip to the coast with Borucan guides to experience the tradition of dying yarn with the Murex mollusk.

For more details about the program, visit

Photo Credit : Sharon Vipond, Pica Lockwood


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