2023 Treasured Felts Summer Workshop Series

If you joined us for the first two LIVE talks of Conversations with Cloth, Series 4: Treasured Felts, you have been introduced to Jorie Johnson’s unique and incredible work as researcher and artist of felted works.

The workshop instructor is Jorie Johnson–wool and felt specialist, artist, and researcher–from Kyoto, Japan. Jorie has been on the research team for the ancient Japanese Imperial felt rugs that are colorful and intricately patterned and are housed in the Shosoin Repository in Nara, Japan. She has been a friend of the World Shibori Network Foundation (WSNF) and Slow Fiber Studios (SFS), and offered a SFS Felt-making workshop in Berkeley 2017.

Jorie’s drive to create extraordinary felt pieces has led her to examine master works, deconstructing and reconstructing them to understand their methods. Experimenting with the processes used by the masters, she explores ways to create her own beautiful felted projects. This summer in Berkeley, CA, Jorie will share and teach her magical discoveries in a sequence of four workshops. 

World Shibori Network Foundation sponsors her Felt Making Workshops. Depending on your experience and preferences, take one, a few, or all! You will receive a materials list once you register.