2023 Treasured Felts Summer Workshop Series

Jorie Johnson, Instructor | July & August – Look for dates below in each workshop description

LIVE Location: WSNF’s Slow Fiber Studio Annex, Berkeley, CA | 

New!: Online via ZOOM for REMOTE STUDENTS 

This summer, WSN Foundation is honored to host and sponsor Jorie Johnson once more to teach a new set of felting workshops at the SFS Annex in Berkeley, CA. Jorie will share and teach her magical felt discoveries in a sequence of four workshops. On-site and remote students are invited.

Depending on your felting experience and preferences, take one, a few, or all!

Jorie Johnson–wool and felt specialist, artist, and researcher–based in Kyoto, Japan has been on the research team for the intricately patterned, ancient Japanese Imperial felt rugs housed in the Shosoin Repository in Nara, Japan. 

Jorie’s drive to create extraordinary felt pieces has led her to examine master works, deconstructing and reconstructing them, to understand their methods. Experimenting with the processes used by the masters, she explores ways to create her own beautiful felted projects.