Gift for Kay, Ana Lisa Hedstrom, Indigo Dyed and folded paper, 2023.

98 Objects: Making Connections

An Online Exhibition of Miniatures for Kay Sekimachi

This year, on March 12th, the World Shibori Network Foundation and friends gathered for a special event to celebrate Bay Area artist Kay Sekimachi’s life, art, and 98th journey around the sun at the San Francisco Airport Museum’s exhibition, Kay Sekimachi: Weaving Traditions, open to the public through July 14, 2024. All of Kay’s masterpieces in this exhibition are on loan from Forrest L. Merrell, a leading American craft collector and visionary and a lifelong friend of Kay.

In honor of Kay’s creative career, WSNF is curating 98 Objects: Making Connections, an online exhibition of miniature artworks and objects gifted to Kay by artist friends worldwide in honor of her 98th birthday.

98 Objects connects the global community of artists and friends Sekimachi has inspired for seven decades. This project also celebrates the artist’s legacy, including life’s challenges, passed on through their artwork and creativity. This includes Kay’s story among the Japanese-Americans who experienced a dark period of World War II in the U.S. government’s internment camps and an eloquent extension of Nancy Ukai, the Project Director of 50 Objects, an exhibition at the National Museum of Japanese Americans.

Kay Sekimachi in her home May 25, 2023 Berkeley, California
Photo by SFO Museum R2023.1104.003

The project welcomes all who are interested in contributing to the 98 Objects.
The CALL OUT remains open until August 30, 2024.

Gift for Kay, Michelle Sonnenfeldt, wax linen woven basket and small rock with knotless looping netting, 2024.

The 98 Objects collection includes miniatures crafted by artists Ana Lisa Hedstrom, Shelia O’Hara, Lucy Arai, Christina Kim, and Shibori artisans in Japan. Textile scholars Nancy Ukai and Vanessa Moraga, and artists Nobuko Hirori, Hisako Sekijima. Many other artists and friends inspired by Kay and her work have provided objects to the collection.

The miniature object gifts will reside in Kay’s home nestled among her beautiful art collection. Our hope is that the love, friendship, and inspiration represented by these objects will bring joy and smiles to Kay every day.

The online exhibition will be accessible from the WSNF website.

Object specifications and shipping information:

Objects can be hand-crafted, found, or store-bought–any item that would bring a smile to Kay’s face.

We welcome students and creators in all mediums.

Include a small message for Kay in the gift.

Maximum Dimensions are 2” x 2” x 2” or 8 cubic inches (131 cubic cm). Variations of 8 cubic inches are okay, but 4” max in one direction. e.g, 4” x 1” x 2” is okay, but not 1” x 1” x 8” .

We ask each artist to photograph her/his miniature piece to be posted on our website. The image file size must be under 1 MB.

Email the image to with the subject line, “98 Objects Submission.”

Register the Object: 

Ship to WSNF Office:

Attn: World Shibori Network Foundation
696 Hilldale Ave
Berkeley, CA 94708

*Kay Sekimachi: Weaving Traditions along with June Schwarcz: Unconventional Enamels exhibition through 14 July 2024 at the SFO Museum