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Recommended Reads

The following titles are a worthwhile addition to any textile or design library. Unfortunately, we do not carry these for purchase but do try finding it online or through your rare book dealer.

Kyokechi Chinese Folk Textiles
beautiful facsimile of a traditional bound book, a step-by-step photo record with text about Chinese folk textiles
Hansei, Taipei, China, 1997
Chinese text
  Yomigaeru Maboroshi No Senshoku: Izumo Ai Itajime no Sekai to Sono Keifu
(Textile Mirage: Izumo indigo itajime)
images and process explanations on indigo itajime from Izumo
Shimane Prefectural Museum of Ancient Izumo, 2008
Japanese text
29.5cm x 24.5cm
Hagire no Bunkashi
(A Chronicle of Fabric Pieces: the power of cloth to connect time and space)

image catalogue of boro pieces and other pieced garments
Fukushima Art Museum, Fukushima, Japan, 2006
Japanese text
29.5 cm x 22.5 cm
168pp, color
Spiritual Fabric: 20 years of field research among the Miao of Guizhou, ChinaTorimaru, Dr. Sadae. Eds. Wada, Yoshiko I. and Salumbides, Nancy A. Nishinippon Newspaper Co., Japan, 2006. English & Chinese text, color illustrations, 144pp. 9.5 x 9.5 x 0.5ISBN 4-8167-0691-7

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