The Hagi Shibori Art Tapestry Exhibition

The Shibori Community in Cooperation with WSNF


The 23rd Joint Exhibition: Live with Nature

Approximately 200 tapestries, panels, and miniatures will be on display at the exhibition.

Venue: Yubikan / Meirin Gakusha Building 2F Citizen Gallery Exhibition Room in Hagi, Japan

Friday, October 27 – Wednesday, November 1, 2023, 10:00~17:00 (until 15:00 on the last day) *Free

Opening concert 10 am, Friday, Yukikan:

An original song with the theme of “Ai” (indigo), and works by Kaei Hayakawa.

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This exhibition celebrates the 38th anniversary of The Shibori Community of artists in five cities in Japan.

These artists are mentored by master Arashi Shibori artist, Kaei Hayakawa. WSNF has collaborated with them since the early 2000’s. 

International Artists Selected to Join the 2023 Exhibition

Invited Exhibiting Artists

Jane Callender (England)

Angelina DeAntonis (USA)

Catherine Ellis (USA)

Michelle Griffiths (S.Wales)

Marie-Hélène Guelton (France)

Ana Lisa Hedstrom (USA)

Abduljabbar & Abdullah Khatri (India)

Lynn Klein (USA)

Guoxiang Yuan (Taiwan)

Jury-Selected Exhibiting Artists

Michael Abramovitch (Australia)

Aranya Natural (India)

Raminta Beržanskytė (Lithuania)

Tomoko Ferguson (USA)

Kathleen Goddu (USA)

Rhyannan Hall (England)

Tanya Mariko Lieberman (USA)

Glenda Mah (USA)

Local History : During the Edo Period, this area was ruled by the Mōri clan, the center of Chōshū Domain, with their stronghold at Hagi Castle for 250 years. The samurai of Chōshū Domain played a major role in the Meiji restoration of the 1860s, and many leaders of the Meiji government came from this city.