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Updated November 22, 2023

“I am committed to working with global textile and craft communities to further understand and foster the creative evolution of traditions. I look forward to seeing you.”
–Yoshiko Wada

Yoshiko I. Wada, founder and president of the World Shibori Network Foundation (WSNF), will be developing content and leading tours with WSNF staff to Japan, Mexico, China, and France for WSNF and its programming arm, Slow Fiber Studios (SFS), starting in 2023. Yoshiko has led art, architecture, and textile study tour programs for several decades since the 1970’s for Kauri Dyeworks, Fiber Works Center for Textile Arts, Slow Fiber Studios; LongHouse Reserve; Textile Museum, DC; and San Francisco Craft and Folk Art Museum.

Our association with LongHouse Reserve (LHR), founded by Jack Lenor Larsen, Yoshiko’s longtime mentor, will continue by way of Matko Tomicic, former LHR director of nearly 30 years, who is now on WSNF’s Team.

Slow Fiber Studios is pleased to offer programs that contribute to the understanding of culture, craft, art, architecture, landscape, and cuisine. Some wonderful memories are shared in our album.

Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada is an artist, curator, textile and museum studies scholar, president and founder of World Shibori Network Foundation and Slow Fiber Studios, producer of the Natural Dye Workshop film series, and co-chair of the 1st – 11th International Shibori Symposia. She is a Japanese native who has called Berkeley, CA her home since 1973. She currently resides in Leicester, UK where since 2020, she has been conducting doctoral research on, “Boro textiles and its phenomenon in the twenty-first century: The changing perception of value and beauty surrounding Boro textiles,” which she calls the Boro phenomenon. Yoshiko continues to lead a wide range of workshops, lectures, tours, and symposia, internationally, for WSNF, emphasizing sustainability, heritage craft knowledge transmission, and innovation in contemporary art and design. Her current research enriches the WSNF programs.

World Shibori Network Foundation's
Travel for Workshops and Patron's Tour

WSN Foundation members will receive priority registration notices for the tours and some of the workshops.

Kaei Hayakawa, Arashi Shibori Artist in his studio in Arimatsu.

2024 May - June

Travel for Workshops in Japan

Select any combination of Tour 1, 2, and/or 3. E-mail <info[at]> for information.

Tour 1

17 May to 23 May, 2024 (tentative) | 7 days & nights | Arimatsu Nagoya

A 7-day Arashi Shibori workshop program in Arimatsu with Kaei Hayakawa sensei, the last practicing Arashi shibori artist in Japan.

Tour 2

23 May to 04 June, 2024 | 12 days & nights | Kyoto, Hiroshima, Omoricho, Gungendo, Arimatsu Nagoya

A 12-day program with Kyoto temple flea market, Hiroshima Genbaku Dome, Boro Sashiko & Mending Workshop, Botanical Print Workshop, Natural Dye Workshop, Hiroko Ando Shibori Workshop, and Shibori Festival in Arimatsu.