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Sabine Zeiler


Bunsenstrasse 18

D-76135 Karlsruhe

Tel : +49-721 – 814918


Born in 1949

Self-taught artist, and independent studio artist

“I am fascinated by textile materials which can be formed through handling into a poetic picture. My works are mostly series of fiber panels which I coloured unequally, to show the same structure on the one hand and to achieve, through colouring, an interaction on the other hand. For this reason, my works can be seen as a consistently continuous series, and results visually in an unusual view. I want to call the viewer to minimum differences which he should interpret for himself. I work in concert with the materials, not in an effort to overcome their limitations but to allow them full expression.I have a longstanding occupation with all available  textile materials and their possibilities of use and creation.”

Materials: mainly uses  silk, sometimes combined with other materials like poyester or metal threads.

Preferred technique is the Shaped Resist Dyeing – Shibori.With Shibori, the fabric is given a three-dimensional form by folding, crumpling, stitching, plaiting or plucking and twisting, which is visible in her work.

Since 2000, Sabine has participated in exhibitions all over the world such as:

Europe: Germany, France, Italy Poland, Ukraine, Switzerland, the Baltic

Asia: Japan, Korea, China

USA: Miami, Los Angeles

New Zealand

Her works can be seen in:

Collezione civica di Fiber Art Chieri, Italy

Ara Gallery, WTA-Organisation, Miami,USA

Textilvereinigung St.Gallen, Switzerland

Musee Jean Lurcat, Angers, France

Sabine is a member of ETN/Textilforum, Germany and GEDOK, Karlsruhe, Germany