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India Flint



India Flint is known for the development of the highly distinctive “ecoprint,” an ecologically sustainable plant-based printing process that evolved through combining Latvian dye traditions with Shibori-zome from Japan. She completed an MA researching eucalyptus dyes in 2001.

India’s work is represented in public collections and museums in Germany, Latvia and Australia. She lives on a farm in rural South Australia, tending sheep and planting trees, producing exhibition collections of sartorial salvage fashion as well as textile pieces for the wall. Time to time, she also makes costumes for contemporary dance clients including the West Australian Ballet Company as well as Leigh Warren & Dancers, with whom she has worked on several projects – most notably Leigh’s collaborative piece with Japanese UnoMan,”wanderlust,” which opened in Yamaguchi, Japan and toured Australia.

Her book, “Eco-Colour: Botanical dyes for beautiful textiles,” was published in March 2008 and she regularly teaches workshops around the world. India works exclusively with natural fibres, preferring wool, silk and hemp for their ecological sustainability and their performance in natural plant dye-baths.