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Ingrid Schaub Albertz

Ingrid Schaub Albertz

Ingrid Schaub Albertz (b. 1942) began studying textile design at Universidad de Chile and later graduated from Fachhochschule für Gestaltung, Hannover, in Germany. She was introduced to shibori during a seminar taught in Chile by Yoshiko I. Wada. Ingrid’s work focuses on creative patchwork using innovative techniques that she continually refines. She incorporates fabrics that she dyes using shibori methods. In recent years, her creative process has found its beginnings with inspiration from these self-dyed fabrics, eventually manifesting in a completed and consistent work.

Since 1983, Ingrid has been featured in several patchwork exhibitions in countries all over the world – from Germany and France to Brasil and Chile, including at the National Museum of Arts in Santiago, Chile, during the ISS. She also has had several solo shows in art galleries throughout Chile. She has been teaching traditional patchwork since 1988 and continues to teach classes on innovative patchwork techniques she develops.

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