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Izabela Sauer

Alarte Silks
Vancouver, CANADA


Izabela produces handpainted shibori scarves and shawls: timeless pieces reinterpreted with modern attitude and dominated by seductive taste for contrast. Her innovations in surface design emerge from a passion for texture and color which often evoke the Mediterranean sky, a shock of bougainvillea, or deep greens. Izabela employs itajime shibori on handpainted silk resulting in textural and scultpurally pleated patterns. These limited-edition items have garnered her numerous awards, including the 2002 and 2007international Niche Award for Excellence. Izabela, a native of Poland, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk, Poland. She was formerly a textile designer for Yolanda Lorente Ltd of Chicago and also worked for Maiwa Handprints Ltd., Vancouver. Her company, Alarte Silks, was named the “number one attraction on Granville Island” by Frommer’s Guide to Vancouver, 2003.

“Currently, my work is inspired by time spent in the islands of the South Pacific, from the impact of the setting sun to the contrast of a tropical blossom against oceanic blue. My Shiboris, rich in variation that reflect ancient past, render these luminous tones more dramatic when set on the body. They yield intensions of a woman with a lively and curious personality who frees herself from every kind of obstacle to be able to trot from one end of the world to the other.”

Finalist for Niche Award with “Sea Urchin”  2006

Finalist for Niche Award with “Eva Eva”  2005

Winner of Niche Award for “Manhattan”  2002

Finalist for Niche Award with “Phoenix” and “Manhattan”  2002

Finalist for Niche Award with “Passion Fruit“  2001