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Jane Callender

Norfolk, UK


Inspired by nature and the qualities of cloth revealed through shibori, Jane has developed an understanding for indigo resists through pattern which, while informed by tradition, reveal subtle innovation. She uses indigo predominately, responding to its resolved, complete color and unique dyeing capabilities. With an eye for detail she has focused her study on stitch resist, motif construction and pattern rhythms, often in combination with other techniques.  She shares these  through international lectures, workshops and her creative enterprise, Callishibori. Jane has a BA (hons) Textiles degree from West Surrey Institute, and a diploma in Haute Couture from the Natalie Bray School of Tailoring, London. She was born in Penang and grew up in rural Malaya.  She lives in Norfolk in the UK.

“Shibori is such a special discipline, not just because of its varied and marvelous outcomes, but because of the varied processes which fully absorb us.  It connects us completely with cloth. It tests a maker’s faith and vision, for only when we can finally say, ‘it is done’, can we actually see what we have been doing.”



Individual Craftsperson, London Arts Board 1997
Creative Arts East, Arts Council, “Craft Connections” 2004


EXHIBITIONS (selective)

“Art of the Stitch,” travelling, The Barbican, London UK 1997
London Arts Board Winners Exhibition, The Barbican, London UK 1997
4th International Shibori Symposium, Harrogate UK 2002
“Surfacing with shibori,” Victoria and Albert Museum presentation and display 2004
“Indigo – a blue to dye for,” travelling, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, UK 2007