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Patricia Black

Patricia Black
Padova. ITALIA 35124

e: silk.road.citizen[AT]


Patricia Black, once described as a “Poet of Cloth,” has worked in a range of artistic outlets: from designing theatre costumes to teaching dimensional textiles. Her work represents an idiosyncratic adaption of traditional techniques using acid dyes to create ethereal 3-D forms that enfold the body and have their own kinetic energy. Restricted initially by commerical textiles, her creativity has been both liberated and guided by the highly individual exponents of the shibori process. She counts as her tutors Inga Hunter, Helene Soubeyran and D’Arcie Beytebiere.  Patricia’s practice has been further enriched by teachings of Japanese masters Junichi Arai, Hiroyuko Shindo, Kaei Hayakawa, and Yoshiko I. Wada. A standout from early on, Patricia was honoured with an invitation to transform a traditional kimono for exhibition for the very first ISS Symposium (1992).
Patricia currently lives and works in Italy, where she pursued studies in silk upon receiving an Australia Council residency. Her work has been exhibited in “Artwear” at the San Francisco Fine Arts Museum (2005), “Trame D’Autore” at Bibliotheque di Chieri, Italia (2008) and in the collection of New Zealand’s WOW Awards. Other career highlights: tutoring with TAFTA, the UK and French Silk Guilds; invited as a speaker at the ISS conference in Chile (1999) and Harrogate ISS Symposium (2002); presenting at the ETN conference in Finland (2000), Haslach, Austria (2009); and an annual tutor at Fondazione Lisio in Florence. Patricia’s philosophy is expressed further in Yoshiko I. Wada’s book, “Memory on Cloth”.