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Reiko Hara

Tokyo, JAPAN



Reiko Hara is both a textile artist and flower artist. She is an observer and appreciator of nature: the balance it presents, its beauty, and the revolution of seasons. Fittingly, her work seeks to harmonize nature, material, and design. Reiko likes when her art surprises viewers or calms them; generally she aims to project positivity on those who see and experience her work.

Flowers and fabric are Reiko’s vehicle for enriching herself and her viewers with nature’s spirit. She sees poetry and parallels in the seasons of nature and one’s life: the fresh innocence of Spring; Summer’s active and youthful spirit; Autumn’s vigorous harvesting of life’s work; Winter, a time for quiet reflection and enlightenment. Through her flower artistry, she strives to capture a moment of life’s moving force. Her arrangements show an acceptance of the ephemeral, the poetic quality of plants — budding leaves, blooming flowers, all stages of seeding, flowering, withering and expiring. Reiko has an intuitive ability to respond to nature in a three-dimensional expression – be it flowers or textiles – without conforming or confining herself to a “style” or “form.” This is where her artistry excels.







9th International Triennial of Mini-Textiles in ANGERS  2009

8th International Triennial of Mini-Textiles in ANGERS  2005 (pdf brochure)

7th International Shibori Symposium in France  2009

6th International Shibori Symposium in Tokyo  2006

5th International Shibori Symposium in Melbourne  2004

Exhibition at Bank ART in Yokohama  2004

SHIBORI NOW in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse  2002

Shibori Community in San Francisco  2001

Shibori Community in Kyoto 2000, Yokohama ’02, Fukuoka ’04, Nagoya ’06,

Tokyo  2000-2005

Japan Contemporary Arts and Craft  1999



President, Rei TEXTILES

Director, Textile Design Association of Japan

Organizer, World Shibori Network

Textile Artist society in Tokyo

Hachioji Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Shibori Community