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Rémy Pessah

Mountain View, California USA


Rémy’s wearables combine high quality hand dyed silk with designs where geometry and precision prevail.

A former engineer, Rémy had worked in the semiconductor industry for many years before shifting careers into fashion design. Her designs have since been accepted into numerous juried shows and her artwear is currently on display in a select number of designer boutiques in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a member of the American Craft Council. Rémy earned a B.S. in Chemistry and Physics at California State University, San Jose.


Spirit of the Earth, Santa Fe, NM, 2006
Amanda, Carmel, CA, 2005
Winterbranch Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 2005
Virginia Breier, San Francisco, CA 2005
The Museum Shop, Frederick, MD, 2004
Two Sisters, Bel Air, MD, 2004