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Cathy Moon

3 comments on “Moon

    17 June 2010

    hi cathy,

    i admire your work.

    do you have any idea where i could learn shibori,
    i’m a member of world shibori and intend to joing australia//nz
    group. i do my own thing, trying to learn from a book but
    i need to learn properly,

    any idea where i should go.

    i’m doing a workshop with barbara schey in september
    but only one day

    i also need to buy tools but don’t know where i can get them

    many thanks
    Joy Long

    • WSN
      21 June 2010

      Hi Joy, Welcome to WSN! I’ll alert Cathy to view this comment. Also – occasionally, members from across the globe will notify us when they’re having classes — we post them to our blog [] and tag australia ones so you can easily find them using tag search on the right-side menu.

    • Cathy Moon
      22 June 2010

      Hi Joy,
      I live in Brisbane and will be conducting 3 workshops at The Textile Arts fair this weekend (25-27th June). I will also be working in the Artist at Work section during the afternoons. Shibori tools can be purchased from Margaret Barnett but I think you may have been in touch with her already. I don’t run classes from home as I really don’t have the space and I have a lot of commitments this year and an exhibition mid year 2011. I can send you an invitiation if you email me.
      Good luck with your work and you will enjoy Barbara’s workshop.
      take Care,
      Cathy Moon

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Published on 17 February 2010 at 237 × 485 in WSN Australia