World Shibori Network

Celebrating the visual languages of PEOPLE, COMMUNITY, CULTURE, and ENVIRONMENT through the global practice of resist-dye traditions and innovations, keeping in mind authenticity, reciprocity, and networking.

SFS Testimonials

Thanks to all SFS alumni. Your appreciation is why we do what we do.

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“…a spiritual journey reconnecting with work during the fantastic workshops, through zen gardens, shinto shrines, buddhist temples, japanese ryokans, onsen baths, meeting masters, making new friends, relocating long lost ones, and of course the panorama of art, culture, textiles and architecture that still needs to be digested for the rest of the life.” – Priya M., SFS Arimatsu ’10


My sincere thanks to Yoshiko for her patience and generosity.  The knowledge, history, people and places you shared with us made my experience of Japan and her textiles invaluable. I expect it will deeply influence my art and teaching. Thanks also to all of my SFS friends …you were lovely traveling companions. — Julie T., SFS Arimatsu ’10
The 2010 tour to Japan was magical.  I not only visited artist’s studios and exhibitions, learned resist techniques, ate fabulous food, soaked in Japanese baths, and shopped, but also made a wonderful group of new fiber artists friends.  We told our stories, shared adventures and laughed a lot.  This the most special trip of my life.  I am already saving for 2012. — Judith K., Weaver, Atlanta, GA – SFS Arimatsu ’10


“We had a very easy trip back physically, but mentally had a hard time leaving. I had such a wonderful time and so many cherished, once-in-a-life-time experiences that my mind is still assimilating it all. The people we met were so wonderfully gracious and sharing. Their generosity of time, kindness and hospitality will forever be deeply appreciated. Last, but not least, your supreme organization, patience and knowledge made the trip! I hope that I can find a way to reciprocate for this gift you and your colleagues have given me.” –  Betsy R. – SFS Kiryu ’09


“From one world to another I am now cherishing the amazing memories of your  well planned tour to Japan. Thanks for your generous spirit and the special gift of being able to organize a fantastic window into the textile wonders of Japan.” – Gini C. – SFS Kiryu ’09

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