Shibori Workshops by Hiroshi Murase & Yoshiko I. Wada

Wada and Murase, have developed 5 series shibori foundational workshops as part of the our program, covering Kumo, Miura, Kanoko, the variations and adaptations of shibori innovations, including historical and cultural background. The artisan shibori classes are supported learning to use the materials and tools used or designed by artisans in Japan. All workshops are taught by Murase, in Japan, while Wada facilitates from the SFS Annex in California.

Hiroshi Murase was born 4th generation into a textile family of shibori-stencil pattern making artisans in the traditional shibori production center of Arimatsu / Narumi. He has been deeply rooted in the art of shibori his whole life, well versed in a wide rage of shibori techniques. An internationally respected artisan and an enterprising designer, he has more than 40 years experience in the textile field. Currently, Murase is the chairman of the acclaimed Suzusan corporation. Having assumed the reins of the family business in 1971, Hiroshi Murase is widely credited for the “Suzusan innovation” due to his passion and experience.